I Finally Break My Silence

The media, fellow Americans, the senate, and congress are all driving me crazy. I have kept silent for almost 10 years since 9/11 and all week since the death of Bin Laden. As a native New Yorker and some one that was present while the Pentagon was burning on the other side of the river I can no longer be silent.

I remember when a co-worker came into my meeting and stated that a plane crashed into the twin towers. The first words I spoke were that it was no accident it’s an attack. I was in NYC in 1993 when the garage in one of the towers was bombed.

When we exvacuated our building in downtown D.C. it looked like a movie hundreds of soldiers and snipers on roof tops. In some areas you could smell the fire and see the smoke that blazed through the pentagon. I remember it was about 80 degrees and the sun was so bright. I was so scared I aszked a stranger to walk with me to the metro. As we walked people were crying and on their cell phones.

When we were on the metro a man boarded the train crying and yelling telling everyone “they fell they fell like paper. The towers are gone.” The conductor made an announcement that the pentagon station was closed because the firing was ranging. It was all so surreal to me I thought I was in a movie.

I lived near Ft. McNair at the time. When I finally made it home my neighborhood looked like a police state. The Safeway, CVS and other shops were shut down. Army soldiers were in full gear with guns telling me and everyone in the streets to get into our homes.

I tried to call family and friends in NY and for hours I had no idea how everyone was and my parents worried for me during those long hours of uncertainty. For the next three days I lived with the sounds of helicopters flying above my apartment building day and night. While friends were sequestered to bases and put on alert. I wept for days as I watched my home town search for people. All I thought about was my home and the people I loved.

Dan called me from Texas to give me the news about Bin Laden. I didn’t believe him. I always joked that I didn’t wanted to be woken up at midnight unless someone died preferable Public Enemy # 1 my name for Bin Laden. I tuned into CNN and there was our Command and Chief telling the world, telling me we finally got him. I cried not tears of joy but of relief.

Yet, Bin Laden’s death is a poor substitute for what my friends and I lost. Many buried loved ones. Some friends never recovered their loved ones remains. As for me my sense of security and care free attitude perished.

I’m not celebrating a man’s death but I do feel that in some way justice was done. Finally, Ground Zero will not be so hard to face.

I read these comments online on Yahoo’s site:

Some GOP figures were quick to criticize the president's decision to keep the photos under wraps. Rep. Duncan Hunter, a California Republican, said this morning on CBS's "The Early Show" that the pictures would help bring "closure" for the families of 9/11 victims. And Sarah Palin tweeted yesterday afternoon that the photos should be released as a "warning to others seeking America's destruction," adding "No pussyfooting around."

Even some who are usually friendlier to the president have questioned his call. Jon Stewart argued on The Daily Show last night in favor of releasing the photos because "we can only make decisions about war if we see what war actually is."
My thought’s Rep. Hunter I believe “US” 9/11 families will never have closure pictures or no pictures. This is why Sara Palin scares me. Those are scare words can she back up her mouth. Those words can hinder our military. Jon Stewart I KNOW what war is I live it every day. Having my husband in the sandbox and not knowing if he’s going to be ok is enough for me. I bet if you ask other military families they might agree with me.

As a former journalism student I’ve debated the issue of releasing photos of the dead. Are we looking at the whole picture? What good would it do? I believe the photos should not be released and many people should close their month. The war on terror is NOT over. Our nation and military are STILL in danger. The way we handle Bin Laden’s death must not be taken lightly. My only and main concern is my military’s safety. Not the public opinion.

Please think about how your words and actions affect the ones defending your freedom.

A person with the user name FlirtiGal304 post this comment :

“Any Doubts...Ask The Pirates...They Found Out About Navy Seals Too!”

That made me smile and proud to be a Navy wife.


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