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I Have Become Addict to Quibids

I have become addicted to winning gift cards on Quidbids. It's not that easy to win an acution but I find it fun especially when I am the winner.

I decided I will only purchase 50 bids a month for $30. I need to stick to a budget.

I only bid on gift cards of various cash ammounts. I like the $10-$25 cards that also earn you bids. I have won about (8) gift card and about (80) bids.

I won about $100 in gift cards for (50) $30.

Dan thinks it's hiliarous.

However, when we save:

When we go to dinner and save $25 at Ruby Tuesday's

Going to the movies and saving $25 Fandango Movie Card.

Then save:

$30 at Walmart, $25 at CVS and $30 Target.

Dan wouldn't think it was so funny.

I LOVE saving money it's my favorite sport.=)

I Finally Break My Silence

The media, fellow Americans, the senate, and congress are all driving me crazy. I have kept silent for almost 10 years since 9/11 and all week since the death of Bin Laden. As a native New Yorker and some one that was present while the Pentagon was burning on the other side of the river I can no longer be silent.

I remember when a co-worker came into my meeting and stated that a plane crashed into the twin towers. The first words I spoke were that it was no accident it’s an attack. I was in NYC in 1993 when the garage in one of the towers was bombed.

When we exvacuated our building in downtown D.C. it looked like a movie hundreds of soldiers and snipers on roof tops. In some areas you could smell the fire and see the smoke that blazed through the pentagon. I remember it was about 80 degrees and the sun was so bright. I was so scared I aszked a stranger to walk with me to the metro. As we walked people were crying and on their cell phones.

When we were on the metro a man boarded…