The count down will soon being.

The third week in June Dan will be leaving overseas once more. Which translates into we have a lot to do and no time.

Dan's mom LaVerne been in the hospital for a few days and is now in rehab recovering nicely. She's enjoying the fact the rehab allows her a daily bubble bath.
So his mom is constantly on his mind though he doesn't let on.

So between now and June we must do the following:
Get to Milwaukee for a weekend.
Get to Puerto Rico for a weekend.
Get to Hershey Park to celebrate Sienna's third birthday 2 weeks ahead of time in June. (Dan leaves on her birthday)
Dan has an important meeting in Dallas next week.
He has one more exercise with the battalion.

And we mustn't forget to breathe, eat, sleep and work in between all this excitment.

We are thinking about getting another dog because Boo is aging and ill. My worse fear is that Boo dies and Dan isn't here and I have no other dog. If this shall come to pass I may just have to take in a stray child =)~. Does anyone have a child that they wish to donate me?

Then the house:

We are suppose to clean out our storage room that Dan rents. All the stuff will be going to the church yard sale. There is also a bunch of stuff in the house that needs to go.

Not to mention I have my next procedure on May 13, 2011.

A few more days and I will be in deployment ready mode. God Speed

Until next time!


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