Friday's Rant

I try very hard not to get to personal on my blog because of DoD concerns etc. However, can this damm country stop obsessing about Charlie Sheen and all these fake Hollywood actors, sports stars etc?

I hate the news I have been home for over 6 weeks recovering from major medical issues and all I hear and see when I’m not drugged up is Hollywood crap.

This week alone:

This morning Japan is destroyed and it will affect HI and California weather (NWS)

All our U.S. Troops, Personnel, ships and bases are ok and all counted for reported by (CNN) Thank you Jesus.

In a PA town, a husband and wife were milking their cows when their 3 year old came screaming telling her parents she smelled smoke. When the parents go to the house it was in gulfed in flames all other 7 children died, 7mo.-11 years old.

We STILL are at WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The M.E. is still in turmoil that DOES EFFECT OUR COUNTRY!!!!

Gas prices up, food prices up and more people especially children are homeless.

Days like this I can’t believe I married a man who protects this country and its citizens so many of them can behave and act ridiculous.

As they say it takes STRONG ass spouses and family members to stand by their loved ones while watching at times their country go to hell.

I am sorry about my ranting and no I can’t blame my meds I’m just pissed off.
Til next time.

P.S. I got the staples removed yesterday. I’m sore and tired but making it through. Thank God Dan was not deployed during this medical crisis. However, we all know if I had to I would have made it through. Just I thank God I didn’t need to.


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