Tuesday's Thoughts

Hi Everyone!

I hope ya'll had a great Valentine's Day, Dan sent me flowers and candy.
This weekend I wasn't feeling well I was nauseous and sleepy. I got a slight temp. So, I mainly slept in. I wasn't feeling well at work yesterday. If I wake up like the last two days I am staying home tomorrow we will see.

Erich cooked stuffed pepper this weekend and they were delicious. He is going back to Chicago this Saturday. I really don't want him to leave. I will miss his company and cooking. (but Boo is sweet company) Erich is actually learning to cook. He's made many recipes from magazines and some from the TLC channel website. I have been watching the Kitchen Boss, Buddy has great recipes.

Dan can't cook much but I will say he can cook eggs and bacon. He also can bake a cake from the box mix.

Until tomorrow


  1. Hope you feel better once you get that gallbladder out, I know it did with Bill. Glad that you have someone there to keep you company while Dan is away. I know you can't wait until he gets home.
    Remember I'm here for you... HUGGLES!


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