Hi Everyone,

I have been feeling pretty sick. I had to take off Thursday. I was all dressed to go to work and I got nausea and dizzy. So I went back to bed. I went in yesterday I'm trying not to ask for any more advance leave. I'm in the hole by 50 hours. I also have a new boss so I'm kinda stressed out. However, it's a long weekend and I work from home Tuesday so that is blessing for me.

Sad News:

Today Erich is going home. =( No more chef in my kitchen. I promised myself to keep up the cooking it's healthier then the frozen and over processed stuff I eat. I just don't think it's practical to cook for one person. When Dan is home that's a plus I'm not cooking for one.

This June Dan will be heading out once more. I swear I think theses deployments are harder on him then me. I get really focused on the task at hand keeping up the house, the lawn, the dog, and work etc. I call it getting in the zone.

Until next time,


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