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Hi Everyone,

I have been feeling pretty sick. I had to take off Thursday. I was all dressed to go to work and I got nausea and dizzy. So I went back to bed. I went in yesterday I'm trying not to ask for any more advance leave. I'm in the hole by 50 hours. I also have a new boss so I'm kinda stressed out. However, it's a long weekend and I work from home Tuesday so that is blessing for me.

Sad News:

Today Erich is going home. =( No more chef in my kitchen. I promised myself to keep up the cooking it's healthier then the frozen and over processed stuff I eat. I just don't think it's practical to cook for one person. When Dan is home that's a plus I'm not cooking for one.

This June Dan will be heading out once more. I swear I think theses deployments are harder on him then me. I get really focused on the task at hand keeping up the house, the lawn, the dog, and work etc. I call it getting in the zone.

Until next time,

Tuesday's Thoughts

Hi Everyone!

I hope ya'll had a great Valentine's Day, Dan sent me flowers and candy.
This weekend I wasn't feeling well I was nauseous and sleepy. I got a slight temp. So, I mainly slept in. I wasn't feeling well at work yesterday. If I wake up like the last two days I am staying home tomorrow we will see.

Erich cooked stuffed pepper this weekend and they were delicious. He is going back to Chicago this Saturday. I really don't want him to leave. I will miss his company and cooking. (but Boo is sweet company) Erich is actually learning to cook. He's made many recipes from magazines and some from the TLC channel website. I have been watching the Kitchen Boss, Buddy has great recipes.

Dan can't cook much but I will say he can cook eggs and bacon. He also can bake a cake from the box mix.

Until tomorrow

Cooking and Eating

I don't know what I'm going to do when Erich returns to Chicago. Last night he made butterflied pork chops with chutney and potatoes. We or should I say he got the recipe from Rachel Ray's Everyday magazine. Erich is become a great cook. Kudos to Erich.

I didn't eat much but I have left overs for tonite. =) I'm slowly eating solid foods. Unfortunately, I left my lunch on the kitchen table. I hope there is something in the cafeteria I can eat.

Until next time


Yes, I promised myself I would write a blog entry once a day. BUT a Wednesday in early January Dan rushed me to hospital at 0600. I was having sharp chest pains, I couldn't take a full breathe and throwing up.

Turns out I have gall stones! Hundreds of them and 2 VERY LARGE ones. One is trapped in the cystic duct and the other in the common bile duct(CBD) I had three Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) done. Each time it was done it removed dozens of stones but the 2 biggies remain. They look like yellow diamonds in the photos. I have a stent put in running from my gallbladder I think straight to my stomach. I'm eating mainly soft foods.

I was hospitalized twice and my body was at war fighting a major infection. I was out of the office for almost month.

At the hospital I was told I had this problem for years. See I was right I didn't have acid reflux I have been misdiagnosed for the last 4 years.

I returned to work this week I didn't want to take more adva…