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Happily Confused Navy Wife: Question of the Day

Happily Confused Navy Wife: Question of the Day: "Through out my day I ALWAYS encounter strange situations. I have decided I need input on these moments so I ask you: Why is it people have..."

Question of the Day

Through out my day I ALWAYS encounter strange situations. I have decided I need input on these moments so I ask you:

Why is it people have conversations on their cells? When they are in the restroom in a the stall?

These are the reponses I got from co-workers on my floor:

They get good reception.They were waiting an important call.What are your comments:

The last week of the year

I love the last week of the year most of my co-workers are using their vacation time. Our data person and I are the only ones in the office this week. The phones are not ringing off the hook. What does that mean to me? No one is calling to complain.

Until next week when the calls start up and I hear, "I was sent a notice of prosed removal. They can't do that to me, this came out of the blue, I am a good employee." Yes, people do get fired from federal government jobs. Also these employees do know they are in hot water. Letters of counseling or verbal warnings are given to employees before a prosed removal is ever issued. There is NEVER a dull moment in my job and I guess that is what makes it interesting and humorous at times.

All thoses myths of no one gets fired from a government job is a lie. Employees can be placed on a performance improvement plan if they aren't doing their jobs and at times get demoted or terminated. During 2011-2012, there is a salary freeze n…

Merry Chrismas

My Sister's Christmas Card for 2010. I love my niece/God Daughter!


Well I'm done with my class and have decided not to continue I rather blog, play Facebook games, scrapbook and built dollhouses. 2010, has come and gone in a blink of an eye. I still can't beleive Dan is back home. Then again the state of our house reminds me daily. =) We are not the most organized people and we are still trying to adjust to each other again. By the time we are adjusted he will be deployed again. =(

Dan will spend Christmas here and New Year's with his Momma. I chose not to go Maryland is cold enough I have no desire to travel to Wisconsin.

We are hoping to visit Florida in March to visit friends and family. We are working out the logistics so I will keep you post.

Pearl Harbor Day! December 7, 1941

I'm proud to be a Navy Wife today as I am everyday.

Some 100 survivors, the youngest of whom are in their late 80s, have traveled from around the country to attend Tuesday's ceremony.

The event is being held across the harbor from the USS Arizona, which sank in the attack and where the remains of nearly 1,000 sailors and Marines are still entombed.

The survivors will be welcomed by a new $56 million center for visitors and take a boat out to the memorial that sits on top of the battleship.

The new center has twice the exhibition space as the old one, offering a deeper understanding of the attack. (Christian Science Monitor 2010, )