Happy Lazy Sunday!

Happy Lazy Sunday! We ‘ve had a busy I’m still trying to get my outline done for my term paper. Dan is at the gym this morning. Yesterday, we went to a funeral for a Solodist . I became of the women’s group while Dan was in the sandbox. When one of us dies the others stand as ‘color guard’ for lack of a better word(s).We each hold up a candle while the casket is carried in and out of church. Ms. Marie was 87, I’ll always remember her smile.
Then last night I went to an annual dinner dance with a friend who also is a co-worker. Dan never told me her was coming home so there was no ticket for him =). I had a girl’s night out. Boo and Dan had a boys night in. Until tomorrow have a great lazy Sunday.

Here are some pixs from last night.

Kathy and I

I was caught on the dance floor


  1. It is always sad to see someone pass away. Looks like you gals night out was fun.


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