Dan's visit

Well Dan's visit is coming to an end this Wednesday. It's been a hell of a visit. We never made it to NY to visit Sienna. We got into an car accident because Boo get move around in back and Dan stop the car Boo went flying and Dan turned his head and hit a car in front of him. There wasn't a lot of damage but our van was acting up. When he took it in the dealership they had a list of problems one of themwas the brakes. And here I thought it was just my seat belt that stop working.

Some of the repairs to the house are complete others aren't. Sears delivered the wrong Fridge was Aug 2, 2010, the correct one should be delivered. In the meantime the one they brought is on loan to us.

One of Dan's favorite things to do is go to the movies.When the reinvestigate us for his clearance. They always interview are friends and that is what they ALL say. Dan's pass time is the movies. =). We have caught up on our movie experences this week . After church we went to downtown Rockville (smalltown USA) got pizza at the BEST Place in town gissippi's and we went next door to the movies. We saw Eclipse. I am not into the Vampire/werewolf thing but that is what he wanted to see. So I sort of saw it and dosed off a bit. Now the preview for Harry Potter that was up my Alley =).

I have a huge feeling I will be seeing that without him. Not to mention my summer concerts Rascal Flatts and Toby Keith are with friends since our hope that he would be back for good by August isn't going to happen. Well Have a great Monday


  1. I'm glad that none of you were hurt in the accident, but it sucks that the van was so damaged. I was so worried about you when Dan told Bill you had an accident, but he said you were all OK. I'm glad you got to go to the movies a couple of times. Sorry that he's not going to be back for good in August, but I'm sure he'll be back again soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you both to be together soon. HUGS!!!

  2. My wife the writer. Dear your a beautiful woman and I love you I can't wait till I can finally get back to you. Like the song say's I keep working my way back to you babe with a burning love inside.


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