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Dan's visit

Well Dan's visit is coming to an end this Wednesday. It's been a hell of a visit. We never made it to NY to visit Sienna. We got into an car accident because Boo get move around in back and Dan stop the car Boo went flying and Dan turned his head and hit a car in front of him. There wasn't a lot of damage but our van was acting up. When he took it in the dealership they had a list of problems one of themwas the brakes. And here I thought it was just my seat belt that stop working.

Some of the repairs to the house are complete others aren't. Sears delivered the wrong Fridge was Aug 2, 2010, the correct one should be delivered. In the meantime the one they brought is on loan to us.

One of Dan's favorite things to do is go to the movies.When the reinvestigate us for his clearance. They always interview are friends and that is what they ALL say. Dan's pass time is the movies. =). We have caught up on our movie experences this week . After church we went …

Navy photo's of the week

Navy Pictures of the week

Great Weekend

Well has many of you know Dan has come home on R and R and he finally was feeling better to enjoy the weekend. Poor Dan got home Wednesday and had jet lag, neck pain and had a bit of a cold for the first 2 days. Thank goodness he has gotten better. Yesterday was nice we slept in, went to church, went to brunch, and Dan took me to Barnes and Noble and brought me the nook. (it's B&N version of the Kindle) Happy early anniversary to me =)~, I finally got the wireless network up and running. Dan says I'm his computer techie guru. Then we went to dinner with friends. It was a busy Sunday.

Tomorrow we our new fridge arrives horray the one in the kitchen at the moment sounds like a Nascar ready to race and FINALLY we get a NEW SHED!!!!!!!!!!! We actual need a building permit to have a new one installed. Go figure I never thought of needing a permit from the county. I'm glad I waited for Dan to do it. I have a feeling the county would have fined me or would have made me remove …

I Love My Military's Sense of Humor

Pray for You - Jaron and The Long Road to Love :: Official Video