Rue McClanahan,

The Golden Girls is still one of my favorite shows. I always watch it on Life Time at werid hours when I can't sleep and each Saturday morning. The characters were great. The best memories I've had were sitting on the couch with mom and my grandma, who spoke limited english. The comdey crossed all language barriers. Each week nite we would get together to watch our show. My grandma has been gone for six years now. Yet, when my mom and I get together. You will find us drinking coffee with crackers watching the Golden Girls. This link has a nice article with scences from some of McClanahan's greatest T.V. moments.


  1. Oh man, Rue will be soooo missed. Nobody could beat Blachne!

  2. I agree. Remember the episode were the girls are looking at Blache's diary and her initials spelled BED. Blache Elizabeth Debore. Love it!

  3. The Golden Girls will always be a classic! It's such a shame that only Betty White is left. There will never be another character like Blanche - I don't remember that about her initials spelling BED, thanks for the laugh!!


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