Spring is Here! The Fleets in Town

I know when spring has arrived not by the birds, bees nor trees. It's when your city is invaded with Sailors and Marines. Here are some great photo's from Fleet Week.


  1. Well hey their new friend how's it going? I'm also a friend of Laurie's, and she told me to drop by, and say hey, so HEY! Today is Aloha Friday, in which you ask a question, and stop by people's blogs, and see what they got to say. It is also Friday Follow where you could get a mess of followers. I just like hopping around on Friday to be nosy, and see what kind of give-away people have. Totally cool. I shall pop back soon, and nosy around your blog too! That's me! Mrs. Nosy! You are cordially invited to stop by me anytime you like. Hope you enjoy it. I'm you're latest follower, so I can leave a trail to follow back! ~hehe~ Nice to meet you, and have a wonderful weekend. Your puppy sounds really cute.

  2. Hi, I am Margaret, just coming by to say hi. I loved the Navy Fleet pictures. My husband was in the Navy, many, many years ago. He was on the USS Midway. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Great pics girlfriend. Thanks for sharing them. Hope you are enjoying your blogging adventure so far. I see some of my friends have stopped by, if you get a chace, go on over to see them. They are some of the nicest people you could ever get to know.

  4. Thanks for all this great support! Dolly I am nosey too I love to read people blogs! Margaret once a Navy wife always a Navy wife. =) Lorie I'm hanging on for the ride. Thank you all so much! Hugs all around.


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