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The Creation of The Navy Wife

Though this is titled The Creation of The Navy Wife. It is actually for any military wife. Marines, Army, Coast Guard and Airforce. We may have married into different branches but we are all the same. - God Speed-

The good Lord was making a model for Navy wives and was into his sixth day of overtime when an angel appeared. She said, "Lord, you seem to be having a lot of trouble with this one. What's wrong with the standard model?"

The Lord replied, "Have you seen the specs on this order? She has to be completely independent. Possess the qualities for both father and mother, be a perfect hostess for four or forty with an hours notice. Run on black coffee, handle every emergency imaginable without a manual, and be able to carry on cheerfully, even if she is pregnant or has the flu. And she must be willing to move to a new location 10 times in 17 years. And, oh, yes, she must have six pair of hands."

The angel shook her head, "Six pair of hands? No way." Th…

Sticker shock: When eyes grow like saucers, your month hangs wide open and your froze for five whole seconds.

Saturday’s trip to Sears was a bust. Couldn’t find a shed. So next weekend it’s off to Home Depot. I went on their website but all I found was custom made sheds which of course cost more than our van.

Macys is a pretty decent place to shop for evening wear (for the Navy Ball) but I never really shop there. I usually go the Exchange, Target or Penneys. I decided to go in because they had a SALE on women suits. Lately I have wanted to upgrade my work attire and started looking at the rack of suits. One rack had a 50% of f the original price. I was about to try on a suit when I saw the price tag. Sticker shock! The price $280 and that was at half price. If I wasn’t in the fitting room with a whole bunch of other women; I would have been cursing like a dirty Sailor. The first thought that entered my mind: Aren’t we were in a recession? Did someone forget to tell these women?

The afternoon was salvaged by lunch/ early dinner at Legal Seafood. I had fish and chips with of cour…

Spring is Here! The Fleets in Town

I know when spring has arrived not by the birds, bees nor trees. It's when your city is invaded with Sailors and Marines. Here are some great photo's from Fleet Week.

The Beginning

My good friend Lorie Shewbrigde is a Master Blogger. I love reading her posts. She tells me I should start one for kicks. So, here I am blogging. Like Lorie I have a disability. I use my wheelchair or my walker. We met on a Meditterian cruise back in 2007, at the gift shop. We were both complaining to our wonderful husbands about the rude passengers on the ship.
I always had someone bumping into me about to fall into my lap. They‘d look horrified and would walk away, without one word. Lorie always states since we are wheelchair users we see butts and babies. Some butts are great but for the most part I choose the babies.

My husband Dan is a 20 year Navy veteran. He is working with the Army in Iraq and it’s been over 15 months. Things here have gotten quite stressful, confusing and at times downright irritating

I am still trying to make repairs to the house since the Blizzard of the century. Handle the boss, the parents, help out my sister, deal with the car, the fridge, the running toile…